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Aaron Woodcock is a UK-based music producer, educator, and sound specialist with a keen focus on Pop Punk, Emo, and Indie Rock, with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade.

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Noticing a void in online communities catering to underground pop punk music, Aaron proactively addressed the gap. In 2012, he created a YouTube channel, laying the foundation for what would eventually evolve into Sugarpill Productions. The channel has since flourished, boasting over 73,000 subscribers on YouTube, 20,000,000+ views and a global reach that spans every country. In the last decade, Sugarpill Productions has expanded to offer high-quality drum packs, courses, tutorials, and has established meaningful connections with the artists, producers, and brands that utilize their products.


Aaron's journey with music began in his formative years, where he started learning how to play guitar and bass during high school. At the age of 18, he discovered his love for producing, through working with different bands & artists during college. Aaron refined his skills at Access To Music, finding inspiration in legendary figures such as Elliott Smith, Johnny Cash, and Daniel Johnston, as well as contemporary artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Beabadoobee, and The Front Bottoms. Despite his diverse musical influences, Aaron found his calling in the nuanced production of more specialized genres, weaving together traditional principles with modern audio production approaches. 

However, his musical palette expanded beyond this, and he developed a deep appreciation for punk and emo, and the deceptively simple production that goes along with these musical styles.

Albums like London Calling, In Sickness & In Flames, and Stranger In The Alps opened his mind up to what could be achieved in the world of punk rock and indie production, along with gaining a greater appreciation for simple, compelling songwriting, by studying the music of great outsider acts like The Mountain Goats, Sun Kil Moon and AJJ. Aaron believes that some of the most enjoyable elements of a great production are found in the production quirks and dynamic arrangements that infuse a sense of personality and innovation into the music.

Beyond his role as the founder and owner of Sugarpill Productions, Aaron Woodcock is a seasoned professional producer. Over the past five years, he has contributed to hundreds of singles, EPs and albums for indie artists, along with collaborating with a number of notable brands, such as Submission Audio & Sage Audio.

Aaron has streamlined his unique process for working remotely with artists over the years, allowing him to quickly bring a "rough draft" to life by shaping it with cohesive choices and the memorable ear candy that makes each song stand out!


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