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Introducing my Iconic Punk Drummer pack, a MIDI drum pack featuring realistic programmed grooves and fills inspired by the punk rock genre's most iconic drummers. This pack is split into 5 folders, each dedicated to a different signature punk subgenre, ensuring you have access to the perfect drum sounds for your punk rock project. With over 60 unique punk rock grooves and a huge folder full of exciting drum fills, this pack is a must-have for any punk rock enthusiast. Each groove and fill has been meticulously programmed to capture the energy and rawness of a live drummer, making it the ideal tool for bringing an authentic punk rock sound to your music.

Iconic Punk Drummer 2.0


    • Instant Digital Download

    • Midi Drum Pack With Realistic Programmed Grooves And Fills Inspired By Punk Rock Icons

    • 5 Folders Dedicated To Different Punk Subgenres For Varied Drum Sounds

    • Over 50 Unique Punk Rock Grooves And A Huge Folder Of Exciting Drum Fills

    • A Must-Have For Any Punk Rock Enthusiast

    • Meticulously Programmed For Live Drummer Energy, Perfect For An Authentic Punk Rock Sound


    • This is a digital product, containing only MIDI files. This product does not contain any software such as EZDrummer 2 or Superior Drummer 3.
    • The MIDI is designed for easy integration into any DAW's note lane/sequencer via drag & drop. It's not optimized for use with built-in drum sequencers found in VSTs like EZDrummer 2 or Superior Drummer 3. Check the attached video for more details.
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