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This pack contains everything you’ll ever need to create your very own iconic punk bass lines! From the genre defining chord shapes, catchy bass arpeggios, and every picking pattern your punk rock heart could desire, this pack has it all! 


Each folder contains an array of carefully constructed MIDI bass parts. Every file’s velocity control has been meticulously mapped out, to ensure realism across the entirety of your bass performance, no matter your chosen bass VST.  


The entire pack has been tuned to the key of C, for easy flexibility in your songwriting endeavors. If you’re writing in a different key, simply drag the MIDI notes to match your chosen key.


What’s Included?


  • Arpeggios

This folder features 20 defining punk bass arpeggios. Inspired by iconic players like Fat Mike, Mark Hoppus & Scott Shiflett, these files will unlock the inspiration to create your very own “Walk The Walk” or “Carousel”. 


  • Chord Builder

In this folder, you’ll find every type of chord shape ever needed for punk rock! From power chords, inversions & slash chords, use these starter shapes to build your own distinctive progressions and bass lines. Separated into 2 folders, one has all 11 common chord shapes you’ll likely need for creating awesome punk rock. The other has each of these shapes, transposed from A-G#, to help you create unique bass progressions within a matter of minutes. Combine with the “Picking Patterns” folder for even more versatility!


  • Chord Progressions

This folder features over 50 progressions to use in your own songs! Feeling stuck for new ideas? Then cycle through these tried & true punk rock progressions for inspiration, to aid you in your songwriting.


  • Chords + Rhythm

This folder combines the previous “Chord Builder” folder with some added rhythms, to make it even quicker to program an awesome bass performance in a matter of minutes!


  • Picking Patterns

This folder contains every type of rhythm you’ll ever need for your punk rock & punk-adjacent songs. From the distinctive skate punk rhythm, MxPx-style triplet patterns, and simple straight lines, you’ll never have to worry about writing out another MIDI bass performance from scratch again!


  • Demo Song & Tutorial

Also included is a short tutorial video, to help you get the most out of this pack! Along with this, a sample bass track from my own production, to give you a real world example of what’s possible to create with this incredibly-helpful Punk Bass Pack!

Punk Bass Pack


    • Instant Digital Download

    • All-In-One Pack For Creating Iconic Punk Bass Lines

    • Includes Genre-Defining Chord Shapes, Catchy Bass Arpeggios, And Diverse Picking Patterns

    • Midi Bass Parts In Each Folder With Meticulous Velocity Control For Realism

    • Tuned To The Key Of C For Easy Flexibility In Songwriting

    • Easily Adaptable To Different Keys By Dragging Midi Notes To Match Your Chosen Key


    • This is a digital product, containing only MIDI files. This product does not contain any software such as PunkBass or EZbass.
    • The MIDI is intended to be used within the note lane/sequencer of any DAW, via a simple drag & drop function. Please see the attached video for further explanation.
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