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Introducing the Travis Barker Drum Pack, inspired by Blink 182's legendary pop punk drummer . This MIDI drum pack features over 130 iconic pop punk grooves and fills, perfect for any musician looking to capture the signature sound of Travis Barker. Newly updated with a folder dedicated to Blink 182's latest album "One More Time", this pack has everything you need to create authentic pop punk beats. With its simple drag and drop function, this best selling drum pack is the perfect tool for any music producer or enthusiast looking to bring the energy and attitude of pop punk to their tracks.


This pack also includes a FREE optional download of the my own, custom-made drum mix for each groove and fill (bounced down to 24-bit WAV files for seamless looping).

Travis Barker Drum Pack 2.0


    • Instant Digital Download
    • Over 130 Drum Grooves In Total
    • 7 Folders, Divided By Era & Style 
    • Newly Updated "One More Time" Folder
    • FREE Optional Download Of My Custom-Made Drum Mixes

    • This is a digital product, containing only MIDI / WAV files. This product does not contain any software such as EZDrummer 2 or Superior Drummer 3.
    • The MIDI is designed for easy integration into any DAW's note lane/sequencer via drag & drop. It's not optimized for use with built-in drum sequencers found in VSTs like EZDrummer 2 or Superior Drummer 3. Check the attached video for more details.
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